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Mourning II

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Lost In Desolation

Atmospheric & Depressive Music from Tasmania, Australia

Mourning II explores many thoughts and emotions of dark and beautiful realities. Loss, death, longings, doubts. The lyrics were written at Mersey Forest, Tasmania and the vocals recorded there that evening in the remote solitude under an Autumn sky. Musically the band has evolved since Morning I, it still carries the same sound with long and emotive songs but Mourning II includes some post-Black Metal elements along with a lot more intensity within the songs. The long clean passages are contrasted by powerful sections with intense music and torturous wails. Mourning II although Depressive, carries along a strange uplifting element throughout the album. This album will be enjoyed by fans of emotive music, especially those who love Depressive and Post Black Metal.

"The Birth Of Man Marks The Dawn Of Suffering"


Lost In Desolation - Mourning II

Grief, My Falling Rain

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Mourning II.



01. Aurora (My Downcast Soul)
02. Withering Loss
03. She Falls And Dreams
04. Grief, My Falling Rain
05. With The Stars I Fade

Mourning II (2017)

Mourning I.


Mourning I (2014)

01. Memory (Feat. Sam Dishington)
02. Before My Hallowed End
03. Winter (Sorrow) (Feat. Tim Yatras)
04. As Light Begins To Fade
05. This Longing Silence

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“Hear The Lament Of My Soul, A Cry Of Sadness And Sorrow”

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